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Logistics administration which has pre-shipment inspection; clearance procedures; shipment documentation Delivery and local distribution, with involvement of capturing usage/consumptions date and ordering needs for the various levels of health care systems.
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It is Biomedics Products mission to serve local physicians and Laboratorians with fast and accurate, reasonably priced bloodd testing devices and other diagnostics tools that are focused on providing innovative diagnostic solutions with substantial value to existing and emerging health care, industrial and scientific needs of the Ugandan populations and beyond, with a vision of having a spirit of innovation, with a legacy of quality and shared values with all our working and stackholders existing to exceed all of their customer's expectations.


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Patient care is the primary focus of clinical chemistry testing and Biomedics Products Limited has developed the series of clinical chemistry analysers for high quality semi-automated and fully automated testing.
Over 9 years of experience and the devotion to quality has enabled us to become specialists in the weighing field with the Biomedics Products brand standing for precision and reliability. We certified scale Distributers, markets a complete line of quality weighing products for the healthcare, foodservice and shipping/logistics industries.
Point-of-care testing (POCT), or bedside testing is defined as medical diagnostic testing at or near the point of care—that is, at the time and place of patient care.
Immucor provides the most complete offering of traditional blood grouping and typing reagents. Manufactured by a company dedicated to transfusion diagnostics who understands that you need options, our traditional blood grouping and typing product line offers the following advantages:
Specimen Containers, Leak-proof, Ideal for pre-filling of Pathology/Histology/Cytology reagent and sample preparation, W/O graduation, PP material. Red Lid. Lids assembled. Bulk Pack
We are highly dedicated in providing premium products and service as well as expert application support, which the life science community has come to expect from a worldwide leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment.