The Biomedics Products Warehouse

It is Biomedics Products mission to serve local physicians and Laboratorians with fast and accurate, reasonably priced bloodd testing devices and other diagnostics tools that are focused on providing innovative diagnostic solutions with substantial value to existing and emerging health care, industrial and scientific needs of the Ugandan populations and beyond, with a vision of having a spirit of innovation, with a legacy of quality and shared values with all our working and stackholders existing to exceed all of their customer's expectations.

Gynecological Couch
Multipurpose. Provides a comfortable examination for both the patient and the doctor. It is adjustable.
Delivery bed
Fully adjustable legs. Mattress with removable cover. Has a fluid basin.
Neonatal Bed
Plastic bar platform for excellent ventilation and is easy to clean without rust problems.Storage bin for towels, diaper and clothes. Side rail elevation grip
Infant beds
Metal frame. Made of molded clear plastic with ventilation holes. External waterproof and antimicrobial mattress cover. Has brakes
Functional Bed- Classic
Embedded Attendant Control Panel (ACP) on Both Internal & External Side rails. Removal and Lockout ABS Head & Foot Board.Attendant Control Panel. Independent Braking Casters with Dust-Proof Cover. Electric drives