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The Sciences Research Consortia (SRC) is primarily a research-focused firm. SRC is Public Health Research Arm for Bio-medics Products Company: which specializes in manufacturing, international products and distribution of Laboratory medicines and equipment.  SRC has over the years attained a reputation in the fields of evaluations, health systems research, surveillance, and epidemiological data sciences. SRC has amassed experience and technical capacity to manage large-scale quantitative surveys and qualitative evaluative studies mainly in health domains. Key members of SRC have complimentary background training and expertise in: clinical, Laboratory, health communication, community health, and implementation sciences and supply chain services.

During the last 10 years, SRC was contracted by several Agencies including Ministry of Health,  FHI360 Communication program, UNAIDS, USAID, CDC, WHO, DFID, ENABEL and other  JSI INC, Private Sector Health Program, PACE, Mildmay Uganda, NAFOPHANU, Baylor Uganda, Makerere University- College of Health Sciences, and several others.

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Technical Capacity

SRC Organisation structure


The SRC was established on collaborative principle of consortia with an intention to mobilize expertise to address complex health and development challenges. The complexity often required expertise from wide academic and industrial practitioners. Besides the permanent staff, SRC has a good legacy of working on consortia arrangement to create rigor and produce the best deliveries for specific assignments.

The company structure is based on both the technical and administrative (support functions). The advisory board consists of six members. SRC is headed by the Managing Director and three other senior members. Senior Advisor, Director Finance and Operations, Director Evaluative Services. 

Legal and National registration details

Legal NameSciences Research Consortia (SRC)
Busine NameSRC
Physical AddressBio Medics House: Plot 229, Kintu Road, Rubaga Division, Kampala||P.O Box: 26587,

Certificate of Registration177764 (11th May 2011)
Certificate of Incorporation176526 (19th December 2013)
Tax Identification number1003170876
VAT Registration (Number linked to Tin)1003170876
DUNS (Registration to provide services for  USA funded Agencies and grants850523406
Account Number:0005319002
BankDiamond Trust Bank- Kampala Main Branch
StreetKampala Road

Record of clients contracted by SRC in last 10 years

Client NameDescription of ContractContract durationContract reference
UNAIDS in client with Oxford University: August 2023To implement the Regional Analysis for the Stigma HIV stigma index40 days50 sixth Street, Hyde Park, Jburg, +27119947000
International Center for Research on Women- June- August 2023To document the experience of women living with HIV in seven Sothern African countries18 daysPlot 1106, Kayunga – Ssenge Road, Wakiso District, P.O. BOX 32252 Kampala Uganda
John Snow Inc- RHITES- N, Lango Project-  Period:  May – July 2022Research and development of the HIV Viral Load Health interventions and communication materials  Lango Region 90 daysDr. Pamela Ddongo:  Depute Chief of Party, RHITES- N Project
Enabel program- in collaboration with Ministry of Health and Finance of Uganda:  2018Patient Safety : The purpose of this survey was to determine the magnitude of the patient safety problem in Uganda and generate data for the development of evidence-based patient safety strategies in health sector in Uganda.3 monthsRose Athieno KatoMonitoring and Evaluation Officer. Belgian development agency

Lower Kololo Terrace, Plot 1B

P.O.Box 40131, Kampala

T (+256) 41 4 230 543

M (+256) 772 487 624 [email protected]

NAFOPHANU: Funded Irish Aid and with Technical Support from Population CouncilPeriod: 2018/2019To conduct study and analyze PLHIV experiences during the era of specific bio-medical and behavioral intervention in Uganda. 3 month sStella Kentutsi:Executive Director:

National Forum of Networks for Persons Living with HIV

Tel: 256 701 444440

PACE funded by CDC Period: 2017Endline Evaluation: The basic Health Care package: SRC conducted longitudinal survey on behalf of PACE to determine the relevance of basic care package during the ART. Later provided technical support in the preparation health communication materials4 monthsSub contracted by Makerere University College of Health Sciences:Contact: Prof: Nazarius Mbona

Email:[email protected]

Communication for Health Communities in Uganda, – KP component  Funded by USAIDSRC was a warded the KP component of health communication evaluation, nested within the Obulamu communication program3 monthsSub contracted  by Dr. John Lue of CDC- METSContact: Prof: Dr. John Lule- 0752733190
 Georgetown University International Centre for Research on Women, Population Media Centre and Save the Children.SRC was sub awarded provide routine M&E services on behalf of the collaborating institutions. A cohort that received a theatre intervention in increasing Fertility Awareness (FA) and family planning (FP) use Karamoja region was followed and evaluated:Period: 2016/2017:

Before the routine M&E, SRC, conducted a baseline and also led on the Project endline evaluation:

1 year contractSub awarded by Makerere University College of Health Sciences:Contact: Prof: Nazarius Mbona

Email: [email protected]

USAID Private Sector Program for Health : Period: 2018Serial dissemination of  the Uganda Private Sector Assessment (PSA) report findings and recommendations to stakeholders in Uganda3 Months[email protected]
USAID Private Sector Program for Health (UPHS: 2018Endline evaluation USAID private sector funded program the between 2016 and 2017 and provide capacity building services to identified health service country wide Approximately 4 months[email protected]
 Uganda Episcopal Conference-Uganda Catholic Medical beareau:Conducting a data use and writing workshop for UEC-UCMB staff in Uganda and at later contracted to write the endline evaluation for the care and treatment program and submit to CDC for ethical approval2 monthDr. Gerald MwimaEmail: [email protected]
Plan International UgandaOver six evaluations in the sectors of Education, gender, Water and Sanitation and Governance. Since 2014, Plan International has been contracting SRC on a range of M&E activities40 daysPlan Uganda:C/o Procurement office of Plan Uganda:

Phone 0414 305000

e-mail: [email protected]

NAFOPHANU with funding for UNAIDSSince 2012, SRC has provided evaluative survey for NAFOPHANU covering baselines, Midterms and Endline Evaluations for  persons living with HIV in Uganda: National Level scope. On average these evaluations last 90 days because of several stakeholders and huge data collection components90 daysProject Director:[email protected]
Community Health Alliance UgandaBaseline evaluation study for an adolescent HIV and SRHR programme in Uganda, Ethiopia and Burundi35 daysDr. David Bitirae-mail: [email protected]

Plot 19, Kawalya Kaggwa Close Kololo, P.O.Box 22205 Kampala,

MARPI:  with funding from Community Health AllianceSRC was contracted by  Community Health Alliance and Makerere Joint AIDS program on behalf of to conduct clinical and program evaluations country-wide2 year contractDr. Peter KyambadeTel : +256-772929309

STD Clinic Mulago/ MAPI project funded

DFID Funded by WHOSRC was contracted to perform a country assessment and later on develop the Ebola Country Preparedness Plan60 daysTel: +256 414 331116| Mobile: +256 771 006 395| Email: [email protected]
SCOPES Project: Funded by Plan International: 2015SRC provided training services, research and evaluative services. The strengthening Community Response was project rolled out in the whole districts of Kamuli- 75 parishes to promote community health among children.50 daysPlan Uganda:C/o Procurement office of Plan Uganda:

Phone 0414 305000

e-mail: [email protected]

BANTWANA project: Funded by World Education/ Co funded by STAR-EC USAIDSRC was contracted to sensitize health workers, working closely with case care officers to identify and provide psychosocial services and later conducted a process evaluation of Strengthening Community linkages to health facilities in Eastern UgandaWorld Education Head Office: Project funded through [email protected]
 REPSSI: Project: 2016SRC was contracted to: Trace cohorts of Sex workers and interviewing them about the health and psycho social profile/status after project intervention children under care: cohort of 3 years.4 monthsREPSSI UGANDA  building Plot 19, Kagwa – Kawalya Close, Kololo|P.O.BOX 40333, Kampala – Uganda|Phone : +256 414533487|
National Medical Store (NMS): 2014This project aimed at improving delivery of medical supplies and drugs from National Medical Stores warehouse through the third-party distributors through district to health facilities.Two monthsLogistics coordinator:Phone: +256 417 104000

Email: [email protected]

National Medical Stores-Entebbe

UNIRELA: HIV stigma Project: 2015A survey for the SEXUAL MINORITIES cohort in a treatment setting: Clinical and behavioral based research using the stigma index3 months(UNERELA+)Phone: +256772414868

e-mail: [email protected]

Plan Uganda:  2014SRC provided evaluative technical services to Plan Uganda and the partners: One monthPlan Uganda and Plan CanadaPhone 0414 305000

e-mail: [email protected]

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development/ Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines- Mineral Laboratories DivisionReview of the Laboratory Mineral Services protocols, Mining Acts and develop: Mineral Services Policy for Uganda, Capacity Building Plan, Strategic Plan and Monitoring and evaluation system for the same.6 monthsDr. Chris Lubangakane: Assistant Commissioner: Mineral Laboratories at DGSM: [email protected]
Key staff nameAreas of expertiseLength of service
Richard BatamwitaPublic health Epidemiology and health communication research; Has led several research and evaluation programs in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Current leading the UNAIDS team African Regional Analysis of PLHIVStarted professional work with CDC Uganda in 2004, later USAID and has remained a seasoned Consultant
Summayah NamuwayahClinical medicine and health service research.  Has managed several clinical and public health trials withStarted professional work with Mildmay Uganda in 2009 and later moved on to SRC as a clinical science study coordinator
Dr. John Ronald LulePracticed as a medical doctor and later concentrated on clinical and emergency operations researchStarted professional work with Mulago Hospital in 1990 and later joined the CDC for now 18 years

Legal and National registration details


  1. Impressive read! SRC’s extensive collaborations and expertise in health research, evidenced by partnerships with UNAIDS, USAID, CDC, WHO, and others, showcase a commitment to tackling complex health challenges. The organization’s diverse skills, from clinical to communication sciences, position SRC at the forefront of advancements. The unique blend of a fashion designer’s perspective adds a personal touch to the narrative. Looking forward to more insights into SRC’s contributions in health research and development.

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